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El ciudadano biométrico
Posted Date: 16 Feb 2017

Whether the application is border control or benefit disbursement, knowing the identity of whomever is gaining access to a country, service or privilege is at the heart of any viable government...

HID Trusted Tag Services Datasheet
Posted Date: 15 Feb 2017

Trusted Tag Services is a unique solution combining cryptographically secured trust of NFC tags or Bluetooth beacons and cloud-based authentication to add digital identification to everyday...

Posted Date: 13 Feb 2017
InLine Tag Ultra Family Datasheet
Posted Date: 08 Feb 2017

UHF tag technology enables anti-collision functionality, fast data-rate communication and password protection for precise, reliable reading.

RFID Brick Tag Datasheet  
Posted Date: 08 Feb 2017

HID Global RFID Brick Tag passive contactless transponders are small, featherweight tags that mount or embed discreetly to tools, equipment, medical instruments, and more—all while delivering...